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Deep Intimacy at a Distance

A Mindfulness Retreat Online is an opportunity to deepen your capacity for presence, wherever you are.  These retreats are for anyone who wants to practice with deeply trained teachers & highly dedicated peers for an extended period of time.

What makes our retreats unique


With small group work at the heart of our virtual retreat model, we always prioritize human contact & relationship–deep intimacy at a distance.


You’ll be supported, for 3 hours each day, by our highly-experienced retreat teaching team.  Receive quality instructions, get your questions answered, we’ve got your back.


Help build the retreat by hosting & attending silent peer-led practice sessions. All you have to do is click a link, show up, sit, and ring the bell at the end of the practice session. On retreat we practice alone, together.


You can turn your life into a retreat by designing your own formal retreat schedule. We make the logistics easy, so you can do the hard work of showing up & being present.


Practice in a multicultural community of global adults, tuning in from across geographic time-zones & cultural backgrounds. ALL are welcome in a Mindfulness Retreat Online.

A Mindfulness Retreat Online may be for you if…

  • You’re looking to deepen your meditation practice with dedicated peers and deeply experienced teachers.
  • You want to meet the retreat prerequisite for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP)–offered by Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach in collaboration with Sounds True and the Greater Good Institute.
  • You’d like to connect with fellow meditation practitioners in a worldcentric learning community.

Core Retreat Features

Large Group Community Meeting

A Daily Meeting where everyone on the retreat will get together for a daily teaching plus small group work with approximately 8 people facilitated by an experienced meditation teacher. The large group community meeting marks the both the beginning of each new day of the retreat, so is an important common point of reference as we practice together in different timezones.

Small Group Practice Meetings

Twice each day, you will be joining a group of 16 dedicated peers, and a retreat teacher, to engage in group practice. These sessions will give you a chance to practice along with the retreat curriculum, and ask practice related questions. These sessions will be offered at a number of times throughout the day, and you’ll be able to see which teachers & times are available before registering for the retreat.

Peer-Led Practice Sessions

Throughout each day of the retreat there will be 30-minute peer-led practice sessions offered. These peer-led sessions give retreatants ample opportunity to engage in supportive group practice and, if attending to meet the prerequisite requirement, meet the two session a day group sitting requirement. You can even help host them, taking even deeper ownership for the continuity of practice on this retreat.

Mindfulness Retreat Online Network

Each retreat is offered through our Mindfulness Retreats Online Network.  Here, you’ll be able to find a detailed schedule for your retreat, along with recorded talks and supplementary learning material from the retreat teachers.  In addition, once the retreat is live, this network is where you’ll find the event information you’ll need to join the live peer-led practice sessions.

“Online retreats are a different animal than live, but with the same beating heart and potential for awakening. Buddhist Geeks has had more experience in offering these retreats than any group I know, and with our outstanding line-up of diverse teachers, these promise to be rich, deep, connecting and transformational.”

Tara Brach


“In this time of sheltering and outer troubles, we need retreats more than ever.  Tara Brach and I have enthusiastically collaborated with Buddhist Geeks to support these excellent online retreats. With experienced teachers and a skillfully crafted schedule you will have the opportunity for deep practice, important learnings and nourishment for body, heart and mind.”

Jack Kornfield


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